Points Race #2 - Saturday, May 11th   

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No Prep Class
Anyone who will be participating in this class can ship their tires to Dustin at his shop address

6015 Milford Harrington Hwy

Harrington, DE 19952

We have gotten a lot of questions about the Juice Box division. We plan to go ahead and run them at every event. The rules are as followed:
Ages 5 and under (as of Jan 1 2023)
Radio Flyer ultimate karts only!
Must be original equipment from the manufacturer! NO MODIFICATIONS! (this is a performance based rule, this does not include bodies, fairings, steering wheels or decals) parental common sense is necessary
Plastic tires from manufacturer only
Helmets Required!
Shoes Required!
1 Parent on track only!
Radio Flyer Ultimate Go karts can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart, and the Radio Flyer website!
Please change the stock number “7” to your favorite number. This helps each kid stand out and makes it easier to score.
This is for the kids that are still standing on the fence to have a chance to hit the track during the day, let's keep it fun and safe for them!
Any infractions to the rules will not receive any awards and asked to correct by the next event.
All tracks and race directors have the right to make adjustments and decisions based off safety accordingly. We will continue to do our best to make this a fun and fair event for everyone